Best Air Compressors for Painting 2021 – Reviews

air-compressor Do you still use a brush and roller to carry out your painting job? Then you are almost going back to the stone age. Just like every area of life has evolved and revolutionized, painting is not left out either. To experience the fun and pleasure of painting you might need to subscribe to the new method of carrying out your painting task; air compressors.

Air compressors work well with your spray painter to deliver smooth and quality paint on whatever surface you are painting. To achieve that efficiency required during painting, you need something to give pressure to your paint sprayer, and that is what an air compressor does, it atomizes the paint and gives off a smooth finished surface. There are different types of air compressors to select from depending on your need. Check out some of the best air compressors for your painting.

Best Air Compressors for Painting in July, 2021

1. Craftsman Air Compressor Pancake with 13 Piece Accessory Kit – Easily movable

The Craftsman air compressor ranks as one of the effective and recommended air compressors. One of the selling points of the air compressor is the small size it has yet delivers a quality job by giving the required pressure to spray paint.


For the specially designed air compressor, Craftsman focuses on meeting two important needs while carrying out spray painting. One of which is the issue of portability and capacity for stored air. For effectiveness you need to be able to move your air compressor across the entire area of painting, as well you do not want to keep refilling in the shortest time possible.

The Craftsman air compressor comes along with a 6-gallon capacity making it easier to be carried for use as well as a good storage capacity to carry out your painting job.

Maximum Pressure

Pressure is required to atomize your paint to give off a smooth painting, this is one of the desirable qualities of a good air compressor. With a pressure capacity of 150 Max PSI, your air compressor is ready to go in delivering the best paint quality required for the surface you are working on.

The 150 PSI gives out an adequate amount of pressure that is suitable for most paint sprayers and also different types of surfaces. The pressure given off by the air compressor helps in maximizing the use of paint, a lesser amount of paint is required to complete a surface compared to an air compressor with a lesser pressure level.

Little or no maintenance required

Craftsman air compressor comes with a beautiful-looking container, the 6-gallon compressor is made to stay and be used for a very long time. The air compressor is made not only for efficiency but also for durability.

The air compressor has an oil-free pump, making it less susceptible to maintenance. With little or no maintenance, you can maximally enjoy using your air compressor.

  • It is lightweight with only 30lbs.
  • The air compressor is oil-free, reducing the cost of maintenance.
  • It comes with a quick compressor recovery time.
  • It comes with a lot of noise

2. DEWALT Pancake Air Compressor, 6 Gallon – More Pressure and power

DEWALT is a popular brand when it comes to high-efficiency equipment, the same play out with the air compressor. The DEWALT pancake air compressor brings out high performance when it comes to painting surfaces with the aid of an air compressor. With increased pressure and a large capacity, you can expect only the best quality of the job.

Bigger Pressure

For the Dewalt air compressor, handles delivering of pressure and also the pressure of painting quite well. With a Dewalt compressor, you can achieve a 2.6 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) at a pressure level of 90 PSI. CFM refers to the volume of air that is produced by the air compressor per minute and this is one of the most important features to consider when buying an air compressor, it determines how effective the compressor will function.

Asides from the high CFM that is produced by the Dewalt air compressor at 90 PSI, it also has a large pressure capacity as high as 165 PSI.

Works with less noise

The area or place to be painted with the aid of an air compressor determines the type of compressor to be used. Noisy air compressors are always not preferred for indoor use and are often more suitable for outdoor use.

The Dewalt air compressor can be your best option when it comes to the versatility of places to work. It can either be used indoors or outdoors, the 75.5Dba noise level of the compressor makes it one of the best options to be used when it comes to working in a quiet environment.

Durability and less maintenance

The Dewalt brand of air compressor is also an oil-free pump, making it maintenance-free. Cost is not incurred to repair the oil engine in the case of this brand of compressor. The air compressor also offers long-term durability in terms of usage.

The Dewalt air compressor has an effortless mechanism for draining out leftover air from the tank. It comes with a ball drain verve at the bottom that lets out the residual air in the tank.

  • It operates less noisily and less pollution
  • The compressor has a rapid starting capacity even in extremely cold temperatures
  • It has no wheels, making moving it around more stressful
  • It does not come with a hose.

3. Makita MAC2400 Big Bore 2.5 HP Air Compressor – Built for industrial action

If your idea or job description is for large scale painting or you plan on carrying out industrial work, Makita MAC2400 might your best bet. The air compressor comes with a super function that allows for efficiency when painting. It allows for industrialized painting, especially for professionals.

Protective cage

Makita MAC2400 is built heavy for large industrial work, therefore the body component is in the same manner. This model comes with a roll cage construction around to give complete protection to the body of the air compressor. The protection around the air compressor is very important for the required job and job site where it is used.

It has large handles that make it operatable at heavy workstations. If your painting task involves the usage of a heavy-duty air compressor, you might want to consider using the Makita MAC2400 Big Bore HP Air Compressor.

Lubricated for cooler temperatures

The Makita air compressor makes use of an oil pump as compared to other types of air compressors that do not. The oil pump plays an important role in the Makita air compressor, the oil pump is lubricated to lower the running temperature of the compressor and also to reduce wear and tear.

To further create an effective mechanism that brings down the temperature of the air compressor, there is a built-in thermal overload to add additional protection. The use of oil lubrication is not only for the cooling effect, it reduces the noise of the compressor as well.

Faster recovery time

An edge of air compressors is to reduce the period of the recovery time, the cast iron pump built in the Makita air compressors with the aid of a big bore cylinder and a piston, they all work together to bring about a faster recovery time for the compressor and also increase efficiency.

  • Makita air compressor produces 4.2 CFM at 90 PSI, and a maximum pressure of 130 PSI.
  • It runs quietly while operating with the aid of an oil lubricator
  • It is large and requires more effort for transportation
  • The tank capacity is smaller than expected for the size

4. WEN 2289 10-Gallon Oil-Free Vertical Air Compressor – Large capacity

Are you talking about something larger with a bigger capacity? Look no further you have found the WEN 2289 Air Compressor. It sits different from other types of common air compressor in terms of size, shape and capability. It is an air compressor with a difference.

Capacity for more

Do you need painting for a very large space? You should go for an air compressor with a larger capacity, this helps in the quantity that can be carried at once before refilling is done. The WEN air compressor carries a 10-gallon tank to serve as a large capacity reservoir for your project. The tank is also built of steel for maximum pressure capacity.

The large capacity of the WEN air compressor is possible due to the structure of the compressor, it comes in a vertical form which is a bit different from the regular type of air compressors

Higher CFM and Pressure

To complement the high capacity that the WEN air compressor carries, it comes with a higher pressure value. At 90 PSI you can achieve a CFM of 4.0 and an even higher CFM of 5 CFM at 40 PSI. Asides from the CFM and pressure level, the compressor has a maximum pressure capacity of 150 PSI.

The whole of this container and pressure is carried by its body part, the air compressor has a rubber gripped the handle and a seven-inch wheel that makes the transportation and storage of the air compressor easier.

  • It has a large storage capacity
  • The wheel provided makes transportation easier
  • It is not suitable for use in a quiet region.

5. PORTER-CABLE PXCMF220VW 20-Gallon Portable Air Compressor – Heavy and efficient

For the Porter-Cable air compressor, there is a focus on the capacity and the strength of the air compressor. It is suitable for painting works that require longer working time and also sophisticated equipment to give off a professional look.

High power rating

The Porter-Cable functions on a set of impressive motor and power rating. The power supply given off to run the engine is at 120 volts, with a running horsepower of 1.5HP. all of this operates on an oil-free motor type. Based on the functioning of the air compressor, these power options are required to keep up with professional painting capability.

For a smooth painting operation, an adequate amount of pressure is required, for the Porter-Cable air compressor, 5 CPM is achievable t 40PSI, while 4CFM is given off at 90 PSI. The maximum pressure given off by the compressor is 150 PSI.

Easy control access

There is a couple of control and gauges you have easy access to when you have the Porter Cable at work. The controls give the ability to pull off a more effective job as you have the ease of controlling the compressor easily. It comes off easy with a regulator, gauge and quick connection to other forms of control.

Control access like the pressure switch comes with an on/off switch and a pressure relief valve for easy tank draining. The air compressor also comes with a decibel rating of about 84dBA.

Low cost of maintenance

Just as most air compressors do not run on an oil pump, the Porter-Cable is free from oil motor thereby requiring very minimal maintenance service. The motor windings require low voltage to start up and also have an extended life span.

The Porter air compressor does not need a belt or pulley system to operate, limiting the possible wear or tear option of the compressor. It comes with 2 sets of 7 inches wheel to assist in mobility and also the rubber strap at the feet to ensure the compressor is standing firmly.

  • It has a large capacity and power rating.
  • The Porter-Cable air compressor can easily be moved with the aid of the wheel.
  • With a high decibel rating of 84 dBA, it is best suited for outdoor use.


You need to always have your painting job as good as it can be, and one way of achieving that is with the use of the right equipment. One of the best pieces of equipment to use for painting is a good spray paint and an efficient air compressor to deliver the best quality of paints to your surface.

Check out some of the best air compressors you can use for your next painting job.

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