Best Automotive Paint Guns for Beginners 2021 – Reviews

spray-painting-car Painting can be fun, exciting and a hobby. What makes painting fun is the use of equipment like a paint gun to carry out your painting work, it delivers more precision and a smooth job. Do you want to change the colour of your car or add a spice of colour to it? Then you should consider getting an automotive paint gun to do a good job.

As a beginner, you only need a paint gun that can be easily used yet with a lot of options that will make your painting experience more fun. Most automotive paint gun of this calibre are majorly High-Volume Low Pressure (HVLP), they rapidly apply a large volume of paint over a surface. It might be hard as a beginner to select what automotive paint gun to buy. We will make a review of the best automotive paint guns to buy.

Best Automotive Paint Guns for Beginners in July, 2021

1. DeVilbiss Finishline Solvent Based HVLP Gravity Feed Paint Gun – Equipped with Atomization Technology

The DeVilbiss Finishline paint gun is the type of paint gun you would want to use when you need to carry out a paint job for smaller to extensive painting. The DeVilbiss paint gun is an HVLP type and it is equipped with great technological advancement to give excellent result.

Atomization Technology

One of the ultimate features of the DeVilbiss Feed Paint Gun is the latest enhancement of atomization technology. The atomization technology offered by this paint gun allows you to have a better result at painting within a shorter period, you can achieve a quality job due to the precision air cap and with the aid of the fluid nozzles.

Paint guns require an air compressor to give it enough pressure, the DeVilbiss paint gun requires about 13 CFM at 23 PSI to maximize the painting experience. You need to get the best air compressor to work with this paint gun, any air compressor you are getting with it has to offer a higher pressure than required by the paint gun.

The DeVilbiss paint gun has multiple fluid tips like the 1.3, 1.5 and 1.8mm tips allowing you to use different paint types, this feature helps you maximize the use of available paints with less paint waste.

Easy cleaning option

The body part of the DeVilbiss paint gun is made of materials that allow it to be easily maintained and cleaned. The entire body of the paint gun as well as the internal passages have all been anodized to make the body parts easy to clean. The point of the process of anodization of the paint gun is to prevent the formation of rust around the can. If rust is formed, it can easily be removed from the body.

It comes along with a high-grade stainless-steel body component that allows easy maintenance of the paint gun and cleaning after each painting operation.

  • It has 3 different types of guns for different painting jobs
  • DeVilbiss paint gun has a stainless body component that can be easily cleaned.
  • Due to the size of the paint gun, it might not be suitable for all professional task.

2. Astro EuroPro Forged HVLP Spray Gun– An Affordable HVLP paint gun

The ASTRO EVOT spray gun is another type of beginner-friendly and cost-friendly type of paint gun. The ASTRO spray gun is a bit different from the other types of paint gun that are usually HVLP, the price is within range and affordable.

EVO-T Technology

Even with the low range of price of the Astro spray gun, it is not in any way less of quality. The spray gun has the infusion of the innovative EVO-T technology by providing the paint gun with one of the finest atomization available. The use of this technology allows the surfaces worked on by this Astro spray gun to have fine and classic quality different from the use of other equipment.

The spray gun has a 1.3mm nozzle that comes with an equipped forged body that promotes the long-lasting nature of the tool.

Easy adjustment

Certain features come with this paint gun to allow easier operation of the spray gun. One of these simple features is the use of a soft trigger to avoid fatigue during operation. The adjustment knobs are also well lubricated to give better control of the equipment.

The forged body is anodized and gives corrosion protection with the internal passages well coated.


The Astro HVLP spray gun runs on a high-efficiency level of about 86% transfer efficiency rate. Using the HVLP technology less amount of paint is wasted, and more work is done.

The operating pressure of the spray gun is around 29PSI and the average air consumption of 9-10CFM to guarantee a high-efficiency rate.

  • Very easy to use, operate and clean
  • The use of Evo technology for best atomization
  • The body and component are made of stainless steel for durability.
  • It cannot work well for bigger projects.

3. TCP Global Brand Professional New 2.5mm HVLP Spray Gun – Easy to use

The TCP Global brand spray gun gives an excellent beginner level when it comes to the use of spray gun. It is cheap to purchase and it gives you room to try out various techniques of using the spray gun. If you are just new to the use of a spray gun or DIY, you have an excellent chance of getting the hang of using a paint gun with the aid of the TCP Global spray gun.

Different Nozzle Sizes

If you want you can call the TCP Global Spray Gun 6 in one, it has 6 different nozzle sizes best fit for different coating levels. The nozzle sizes play within the range of small, medium and large sizes. The nozzle sizes include; 1.3mm, 1.4mm, 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm.

The small range size consists of 1.3mm and 1.4mm and this is best suited for basecoats, clearcoats and light to medium viscosity media. This type of range best applies to coatings that are similar to this.

The medium-range size has both 1.5mm and 1.8mm under its classification. The painting that can be used with the medium size range is the primers, sealers, single-stage, medium to heavy viscosity media.

The large size range includes 2.0mm and 2.5mm, due to their large size they can be used for polyester primers, latex paints, gels, thick enamels etc.

You have the option of selecting any type of nozzle options depending on if you have a smaller and detailed type of work or a large type of work demand.

Complete adjustment control

TCP Global spray gun comes with a full set of adjustable control giving you more room to add a personal touch. Some of the adjustable control include spray pattern, fluid control and air pressure. Control is also made for the nozzle set, allowing a lot of personalization while painting.

The whole package of the TCP paint gun comes with accessories like the spanner wrench that allows for more adjustable control. It also has cleaning accessories that make the cleaning of the different parts possible.


The paint gun is enabled to be fully atomized and can give a consistent spray pattern. The different kind of nozzle head as well also aids the versatility of the TCP spray gun, it is ideal for quite a several different surfaces.

  • The TCP paint gun is very easy to use even as a beginner.
  • It is quite affordable to purchase
  • Suitable for versatile use and can be easily adjusted
  • It lacks some professional painting capacity
  • The cleaning materials that come along with it are not effective enough.

4. DEWALT HVLP Spray Gun, Gravity Feed – Super performance

Dewalt HVLP is suitable for working on large surfaces, it supersedes the other variation of gravity feed spray that is only capable of working on only detailed surfaces. This is an important feature to consider when shopping for a spray gun. The spray gun from Dewalt matches up with their known trademark of quality and highly efficient product.

High Performance

The spray gun has a PSI between 15-30 to guarantee a smooth operation that sprays paint well on surfaces. The Dewalt DWMT0777 is not an electric model therefore it requires the use of an air compressor. To get the best operation out of the sprayer, there is a need to complement it with an air compressor working on 2-HP with 8-gallon capacity, only this type of specification will ensure the maximization of the HVLP sprayer.


To optimize the use of the Dewalt sprayer it has a mini air regulator to ensure precision and quality finish with a touch of professionalism. The nozzle attachment of 1.5mm is ideal for a wide range of paint services, it is especially useful for automotive.

With the aid of the regulator, you can get better accuracy during your painting projects and keep on painting like a pro.


Dewalt spray gun comes with a small weight of 2.2 pounds, with this lightweight you can carry the sprayer around during work for a longer duration without causing fatigue. The design is quite sleek and compact with a 600cc aluminium paint cup, this feature is one of the selling points of the paint sprayer.

The paint gun is made of metallic component making it a great choice for different types of paints, most especially thicker fluids like polyurethanes, lacquer etc.

  • It has sufficient pressure to carry out painting tasks.
  • The gravity feed design prevents the problem of over spraying.
  • Works well with different kind of paints
  • It requires the use of an air compressor to function optimally.
  • There is no extra nozzle for the tip.

5. BEETRO HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun – Precise and simple to use

The Beetro HVLP paint gun is a highly defined HVLP spray gun. If your idea for painting revolves around base coats, primers, stages, and any other form of light to medium viscosity painting, then you might have found your answer with the Beetro paint gun. The design of the paint gun matches almost perfectly with a professional type of painter design and it is expected to produce results that match your needs.

Composite construction

The structure of the spray gun is specifically made to ensure that the sprayer has the most efficient system. The HVLP technology allows the high transfer of materials from it while reducing reversal or overspray. The transfer efficiency of this paint gun is up to 85%, this helps in saving and conserving many materials by about 40%.

It comes with a lot of accessories that contribute to the weight and comfortability of the paint spray including the spray gun, metal cup, brush, plastic filter and air regulator.


The external mix cap has good precision with a filter to give a perfect pattern on surfaces. Paint wasting is avoided with the non-drip cup that is attached to the paint sprayer, avoiding paint waste is cost-effective, it allows you to use little paint for more.

The knobs are adjustable into 3 positions to achieve more concise painting by regulating the fluid control and pattern size. It has a recommended pressure of 43PSI.

Lightweight and easy to use

The handling and maintenance of the Beetro paint gun come easy because of the lightweight. This weight size is ideal for a lot of applications including automotive, boats and ships, furniture etc.


To enjoy the painting of automotive and other surfaces there is a need for a good paint gun. Paint guns that run on HVLP technology are highly desirable when painting to ensure that the entire volume of paint used is maximised.

If you need a hand in making the best decision in selecting a paint gun for automotive especially as a beginner we have reviewed some of the best automotive paint guns that we think will meet your needs.

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