Best HVLP Spray Guns – Reviews

hlvp-spray-gun There are generally two types of spray guns that users can make use of for their painting and spraying projects. They are:

As the name suggests, low volume, low pressure (LVLP) spray guns use both low volume and low pressure to deliver consistent spraying. Typically, they are best for thin and small surfaces.

On the other hand, High Volume, Low Pressure (HVLP) spray guns feature a high volume and are used for typically larger surfaces. They are best for wide surface areas and outdoor projects. Here we outline the best HVLP sprays that you can find out there.

Best HVLP Spray Guns in June, 2021

1. YATTICH Paint Sprayer – Superior Build With High-quality Materials

The Yattich spray comes with great build, with high-quality materials. Furthermore, each of the spray’s body parts can be easily detached. This makes it easier to clean and use. The fact that it can be easily cleaned makes it much more durable.

The gun comes with a double layer design to promote insulation and prevent any safety issues from arising during operation.

Adjustable And Detachable

The spray comes with at least three (3) spray patterns — horizontal, vertical and circular. This means that the user can make multiple patterns during painting. Also, attached to the spray are at least five (5) different nozzle sizes. Each of these nozzles are meant for different purposes of almost all types of painting projects, including automobile, garage doors, home interiors, furniture, and much more.

Also adjustable is the amount of painting output at a particular time. Users can do this using the flow control knob on the sprayer; the purpose of this is to deliver different painting output at particular times. As such, users can switch from light to heavy painting and vice-versa, depending on the requirements of the painting job at hand.

Nevertheless, the maximum rate of flow that you can get in the flow control knob is 800ml/minutes, making the spray suitable for both considerably wide and thin surfaces.

High-quality Build And Materials

The spray features a combination of materials aimed at giving it high-quality finish and to ensure durability. For one, the nozzles are made of copper. This means that they are able to withstand pressure, much better than nozzles made with plastic. Also, the probability of them getting clogged is greatly reduced.

Efficient For Waste Reduction

At the rear of the nozzle is a foam pad, which will prevent the raw material (paint or any type of spray) from flowing backwards. This will make the spray flow towards the area it was targeted at and thus make the job more uniform. It also reduces wastes.

  • Comes with multiple flow rates enabling you to undertake multiple types of jobs with it.
  • The parts are detachable, ensuring portability and easy cleaning.
  • The spray comes with added materials aimed at reducing waste and facilitating efficient spaying.
  • The spray might deliver uneven painting.
  • It is not quite effective for large jobs, even though it was meant to be a high-volume sprayer.

2. Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Control Spray – Easiest to use

The Wagner Control Spray Max is a high volume, low-pressure spray which uses superior atomization technology to deliver fine painting and ensure smooth finishing on furniture and woodwork.

One unique feature of the Wagner Spray is that it’s a stationary paint sprayer, meaning that it is stationed in a single place for use. The gun was not made to be mobile like most other sprayers. The base of the spray comes with a convenient handle that allows the user to easily move the turbine from one place to another.

The aim of the stationary placement is to ensure that you do not have to deal with moving the spray around. This reduces fatigue and let you do work for a long time. Thus, it appears to be quite easy to use.

We have to note that the Spray is more targeted at outdoor painting projects than small-scale, indoor ones. As such, it is great for furniture, and woodwork spraying jobs.

Quicker And Efficient

The Wagner Control Spray Max is designed to apply sprays faster than a painting brush or even a roller. Nevertheless, it still delivers great finish for the painting surface.

Works With All Types Of Materials

The spray features a powerful double-stage turbine which makes it quite easy for the user to paint surfaces with all types of materials. Thus, you can paint with both thick painting materials as well as thin coatings.

Flexibility And Versatility

The spray comes fitted with three (3) spray patterns – horizontal, vertical and circular. These spray patterns can deliver multiple spray effects on the painting surface.

Furthermore, it comes with a pressure control dial as well as a paint flow adjusting knob. With this you can regulate the amount of spray that is released per time. This gives you room for quality finish, and reduces overspray.

  • The spray possesses the ability to work with all types of raw materials, ranging from thick paints to thin sprays.
  • Users can regulate the flow of material to fit the desired finishing.
  • The stationary sprayer allows the user to do work for long, by delaying fatigue.
  • The spray has limited application, as it features mainly for outdoor jobs.

3.REXBETI Ultimate-750 Paint Sprayer — Excellent For Household Projects

The Rexbeti Ultimate-750 is a high-volume with a bias towards larger spraying jobs. The Rexbeti spray comes with three (3) spray patterns, which enables the user to deliver multiple patterns on the spraying surface.

Users can easily detach and assemble the spray; thus it makes for easy cleaning. Notably, custom cleaning attachments come with the package for the spray.

Lightweight And Easy To Navigate

The Rexbeti spray comes with a significantly lighter weight. This makes it easy for the user to move around while using the spray. It also reduces the probability of early fatigue setting in.

The sprayer is also user-friendly in that it is easy to navigate. This is because it comes with a long 6ft power cord that allows the user to easily move around and spray within a large work area.

Versatility And Adjustability

The spray comes with 4 nozzles, of which one has been attached to the gun already. They all come in different sizes. This makes it easy for the user to apply varying degrees of paint at a particular time.

Attached to this is a 5-pcs paint strainer. The role of this is to filter particles that may be in the paint. This delivers fine, particle-free spraying jobs.

The versatility of the Rexbeti is further shown in the adjustable flow control that is attached to it. There is a flow control knob that you can adjust to regulate the painting output that the sprayer releases. The varying painting output allows the user to fit the output to fit different spraying jobs. It can also be used to deliver innovative spraying patterns.

High Power And High Capacity

The Rexbeti spray is a high-power spray. It is fitted with a 1000ml high-capacity container, which makes it quite perfect for large outdoor jobs. As a result, you can go on painting for a long time without having to add paint.

  • Targeted at delivering high-quality finish on large jobs.
  • The high-capacity container allows the user to go for long without the need to replenish paint.
  • The innovative, long power cord allows the user to paint for long without fatigue.
  • Has been noted to release thick coating, which brings about an uneven painting surface.
  • Does not do well with thin surfaces and small-scale painting jobs.

4. PNTGREEN Professional HVLP Spray Gun — High-quality finishing

The PNTGREEN professional spray is a high volume, low-pressure spray which comes with a great build made of high-quality materials.

Each of the parts that make up the body of the spray are easily detachable. This makes it easier for the user to properly clean the spray after use. The easy cleaning means that the corrosive materials that the spray has encountered during the painting process can be removed, which will enable the spray to last much longer.

Fine Atomization

The spray features superior atomization technology which enables it to bring about fine painting work and ensure smooth finishing on sprayed surfaces.

Easy To Use

The spray features a lightweight build. The aim of this is to enable the user to navigate easily and stress-free around the work area. Thus, the user does not get to develop fatigue early. As a result, the user can stay long at the job and get enough done.


The superior atomization, as well as adjustable features, helps the PNTGREEN feed air spray to be efficient and reduce as much waste as possible. As a result, the spray can be put to quality use.

  • The light build reduces the probability of fatigue setting in early for the user.
  • The fine atomization delivers a clean and smooth finish.
  • The spray is designed to reduce any form of waste as much as possible.
  • Not easily detachable, thus making cleaning quite difficult.
  • There are numerous complaints of blockage and leaking.

5. NEIKO 31215A HVLP Spray Paint Gun – Strength And Durability

The Neiko is a high pressure, low volume gravity feed air spray which aims at delivering spraying at a fast pace. The HVLP design of the Neiko spray delivers to users a fairly consistent design.

Heavy-Duty, Yet Lightweight

One thing notable about the Neiko gravity feed air spray is that it is heavy-duty. The metallic build of most of its parts makes it possible for the spray to withstand any type of painting or spraying job. However, despite all of these, it is quite lightweight.

Due to this high volume, it is best suited to dispense different types of sprays including paints that are oil-based and water-based paints.

Maximum Control

The Neiko spray gun gives the user maximum control of the output of painting, by allowing them to adjust as much setting as possible. The spray gun comes with three (3) control valves that enable the user to get the perfect spray desired. There is a fluid control valve that controls the amount and flow of paint that is released per time.

There is a spray pattern control valve, which was added to control the pattern of paint that the spray gun makes. Finally, there is air inlet pressure, alongside an air gauge. The air gauge regulator controls the air that is supplied into the spray fan. This helps to also control the intensity of release. Attached to the package are cleaning equipment, including a brush and multi-size wrench to make the after-use cleaning process easy for the user.

Top-level Build Quality

The entire package is largely made in metal. The gun body is made of steel, the nozzle comes in stainless steel while the cap is made in solid brass material. All of these bring about multiple benefits for the user. For one, the metallic body makes the materials rust-resistant. They can withstand the usually corrosive materials used in painting and spraying. All of these make the spray durable.

The air gauge that regulates airflow and the cup that delivers the paint/spray into the fan are both made of aluminum.

  • Tough body to withstand all types of corrosive materials.
  • Heavy metallic build that guarantees longevity and durability.
  • Maximum adjustability giving users control of the painting outcome.
  • Works best for only small-scale painting jobs, and not large ones.
  • Has poor atomization and as such, delivers coarse painting.


There are a lot of HVLP spray guns in the market. Not all are necessarily the same as they may serve different functions. Nevertheless, the best HVLP spray guns should be ones that deliver on your work, and give you maximum value for your money. The HVLP sprays profiled here deliver these qualities and more.

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