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Best Lvlp Spray Guns – Reviews

lvlp spray gun From time to time, we need to make improvements to property and household items. These may include our cars, household wood materials, and even metals around the home. Many times, we do these ourselves. One of such improvements we do is painting and spraying to improve the colors and furnishing of these surfaces.

To do this, you need a spray gun. There are low-volume and high-volume sprays. The one you choose depends on the type and intensity of the job you have at hand. For household-related spraying, however, low-volume sprays are recommended. Here, we outline the best low-volume, low pressure (LVLP) spray guns in the market, their core features, and their pros and cons.

Best Lvlp Spray Guns in July, 2021

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Best Choice
SPRAYIT SP-33000 review
  • Tip: 1.3 mm
  • Cup: 0.6 liter

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Astro EVOT13 review
Astro EVOT13
  • Tip: 1.3 mm
  • Cup: 0.6 liter

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Nikou review
  • Tip: 1.3 mm
  • Cup: 0.6 liter

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AEROPRO USA R500 review
  • Tip: 1.5 mm
  • Cup: 0.6 liter

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Auarita L-898 review
Auarita L-898
  • Tip: 1.3 mm
  • Cup: 0.6 liter

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1. SPRAYIT SP-33000 LVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun – Efficient and Easy to use

The SPRAYIT Gravity Feed Spray Gun can be used for various spraying tasks including in woodwork, automobile and for industrial purposes. It is designed in a way to use less air; thus, you will need a small air compressor while using.

Efficient and Flexible

The lightweight, compact and portable design makes the SPRAYIT spray gun highly efficient in its use of the spray. Then, key parts of the spray are designed to be adjustable especially the fluid fan and the air compressor. Furthermore, it comes with multiple cup sizes for different types of spraying jobs.

The ability to use low air compression allows for low volume and low pressure while spraying. Because of all the above, the spray gun allows for very narrow spraying, allowing users to neatly spray thin surfaces. Then, the SPRAYIT spray gun is optimized for controlled spraying. This brings about reduced instances of over spraying. All these bring about less waste and make efficient spraying very much possible.

Lightweight and Portable

Attached to a 20 oz./0.6 l plastic cup, SPRAYIT spray gun is quite lightweight. This weight makes it possible for anyone at all to be able to handle it. Furthermore, it features a compact design; it can fit into most palms properly.

You can also modify the air compression levels to fit the particular spraying tasks at hand. For instance, if you are spraying the body of a car, you will need high air compression. But when spraying a thin layer of wood, low air compression is best. More so, the fluid fans are separate and adjustable, bringing about more precise spraying.


The low and soft pressure that you need to apply when using the spray makes it more durable. The stainless steel fluid needle and the attached nozzle were built to withstand the corrosion that normally comes with exposure to sprays and paints.

  • It was designed to be compact and handy, making it easy for anyone to use it.
  • Key parts are adjustable, making controlled spraying possible, thereby reducing waste.
  • The key components of the spray are made with durable and resistant materials.
  • The package comes with individual parts including spare cups and gaskets.
  • Users complained that the regulator was quite fragile, making it break often.
  • The fact that it uses less air can be a downside as users do encounter filter clogs.

2. Astro EVOT14 EuroPro Forged LVLP Spray Gun – Good finishing with stellar design

The Astro spray is a gravity-fed spray tool that comes with a plastic cup holder that bears the paint. This particular model comes with a fully adjustable fan pattern control allowing users to customize it for use on any type of surface. It is fitted with a 1.8mm nozzle and 50-60psi pressure tool for quick application in the case of heavy spraying tasks. Additionally, it allows a wide range of spraying tasks, including car body and woodworking jobs.

Good Finishing

The Astro spray features a slick, forged body complete with quality finishing. This gives it a good aesthetic feeling, but that is not all. The high-quality metallic build, complete with cast and anodized covering, makes it resistant to wear for a long time, while the internal aluminum coatings protect it against corrosion.

The spray is fitted with an air curtain designed to bring about reduced wastage of paint and less pollution of the work environment during the process of spraying. Thus, this reduced release of paint during the spraying process will bring about less waste and more efficient use of the spray. The spray comes with some key features that stand it apart.

Easy To Clean

The Astro Spray is fitted with stainless steel needle and fluid tip with a slick finish. This is coupled with the fact that although each of its parts stick together quite well, they are also easily detachable. This makes for faster and easier cleaning.

Highly Functional

The Astro spray comes with a soft trigger. This helps to reduce fatigue and strain for the user. It is also fitted with lubricated adjustment knobs so as to give room for proper control.

The company also developed an advanced, innovative EVO-T technology which is patented. This provides top-notch atomization, which brings about low pressure, thereby reducing waste and enabling you to put available spray to efficient use.

  • Designed to be durable, yet highly functional.
  • Offers great ease of use, including ease of cleaning and maintenance.
  • It is fitted with the latest spray technology, aimed at helping you reduce waste.
  • Inconsistent spraying, meaning where some parts of the sprayed object will show more than the other.
  • Heavy, because it was made with metals instead of plastic, like many other spray cups. This does not make for easy use.

3. Air Spray Gun – 1/4 Air Inlet LVLP Paint Spray Gun – Accurate but flexible

This relatively unknown air spray was produced by the Nikou brand. The brand is known for making airbrushes and air spray guns. This particular spray is a gravity spray that comes with a plastic non-drip cup at the top. At the point of purchase, you get a number of these cups at various sizes, designed for both indoor and outdoor spraying tasks.

Flexible, Compact and Handy

A key feature of the Nikou air spray is its flexibility as key parts of the spray are fully adjustable. The width of the spray can be adjusted to fit the job at hand. Also, although the spray generally features low air compression due to small air compressors, there is the option to regulate the amount of air that the spray consumes.

There are two air currents, that are evenly distributed in a way to bring about reduced overspray and boost paint adhesion. You can also adjust the cup that holds the spray, according to the volume of spray that your current job will need. Furthermore, the Nikou air spray comes with a small size, making it quite handy for the user

Low Pressure, Low Volume

The gun is designed to work at low pressure; and thus, it dispenses low volumes per time. The goal of this is towards achieving accurate application of the sprays during spraying tasks. The accurate application of the sprays will prevent paint waste and ensure that the sprays or paints are judiciously used. It will also reduce the pollution that we have come to know with spraying and painting activities.

Easy Adjustments

You can change the cups regularly, based on the volume and scope of the spraying job that you have got at hand. We should note that this is an air spray. Thus, the parts that come with are quite small. It features a thin fan, which sprays little quantity at a time. This is coupled with a low pressure and low volume gun.

As a whole the spray is portable and thus it has a lightweight. This makes it easy for anyone to carry and move around while working. Users also don’t get easily fatigued. The Nikou air spray is excellent for spraying smaller areas and you can use it with small-capacity compressors.

Body Quality And Durability

It is made of aluminum alloy material, in a way for it to handle a wide range of oil based materials. It makes the spray to be durable.

  • It comes in very low weight allowing for stress-free handling.
  • The Nikou Air Spray was designed to be durable.
  • It works with low air pressure.
  • The spray is fitted with different nozzles for better centering and strength.
  • Because it is an air spray, the fan of the Nikou Air Spray is much narrower, limiting the purposes to which users can put it.
  • The cleanup process after use is quite cumbersome.

4. AEROPRO USA R500 LVLP Spray Gun – High quality work delivery

The Aeropro air spray is a gravity spray which is designed for a wide range of spraying tasks – from light jobs to slightly heavy ones. The Aeropro air spray is best used for surfaces with metallic and acrylic varnishes. As such, it is best for automotive and industrial purposes.

Delivers Fine Painting

The Aeropro uses the low volume of air, which when coupled with fine atomization, brings about smooth finishing to spraying jobs. This process uses raw materials (sprays) efficiently and effectively minimizes wastes, costs and potential environmental hazards.

Furthermore, you can adjust the paint volume to fit the volume required for the work at hand.

However, it should be noted that when compared to other low-volume sprays, the Aeropro may sometimes deliver heavy painting work.

Quality Materials And Body

One thing about the Aeropro gravity feed air spray is best suitable for spraying both small and large painting areas. This is as against many other low volumes and low pressure air sprays. The air compressor is adjustable, allowing you to regulate airflow into the spray. This will help the user fit the airflow to the particular spraying task at hand.

The body of the spray features a needle made of stainless steel and lightweight aluminum. This gives it a sturdy feeling and enables it to accommodate all types of sprays whatsoever, irrespective of their corrosive abilities. In building the Aeropro spray, the materials used are top quality. The stainless steel needle and nozzle make it rugged and gives it the ability to withstand corrosive materials.

  • Fine atomization makes you achieve clean spraying work.
  • The spray is quite versatile in its application, as it can do both slightly heavy and light tasks.
  • Lower air volume reduces waste.
  • Compared to other products, the Aeropro may be harder to clean.

5. Auarita Spray Gun Painting L-898 LVLP Professional Airbrush Spray Gun — Excellent Performance

A particular unique feature of the Auarita Spray Gun is that it can be adapted to whatever use you put it. While it is suitable for paints and varnishes, it can also fit into any spray task you want to commit it to.

Versatility And Compatibility

As mentioned above, the Auarita spray has multiple uses and applications. It can be adapted for painting, and light works such as watering. Nonetheless, it was made with strong materials to withstand all kinds of raw materials that may be fed into it.

High-quality Design

The spray comes with good ergonomics, as it was made compact enough for users to handle. For one, it has an anti-slip feature, which prevents it from slipping off the hands when in use. The triggers and handles are and as such comfortable enough to allow the user to easily manipulate the spray properly during work.

  • The Auarita spray features a high-quality design that enables the user to conveniently manipulate it while at work.
  • It is useful not only for painting but for all types of spraying work.
  • It is made with strong materials, purposed to make it withstand all types of damaging fluids.
  • Not properly optimized for painting jobs and has been noted to experience wear when used for prolonged painting jobs.


The best low-volume, the low-pressure spray should be one that saves you money and time, and also one that will be durable for a considerable period of time.

The LVLP sprays outlined above feature all of these features and more.

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