Best Paint Sprayers for Trim and Doors 2021 – Reviews

Not only your automotive needs to be painted and not just your building walls. If you are an aesthetics lover and a DIY fan, then you would have probably considered painting some slightly insignificant but conspicuous part of your house to add more beauty to the environment.

One of such areas that you might consider adding a touch of aesthetics to is your trim and doors. You can personally add your effect and touch to the interior of your house with a good paint sprayer suitable for painting your trim and door. Apart from the beauty that is added to it after painting, it also makes the part painted to become more durable. If you need to get your paint sprayer for trim and door, you should check this review.

Best Paint Sprayers for Trim and Doors in July, 2021

1. Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Paint or Stain Sprayer – Atomized paint

The Wagner spraytech is regarded as one of the best types of High-Volume Low-Pressure HVLP paint sprayer. The Wagner spraytech offers the comfort of usage with the use of its spray gun. It offers an easily controllable spray gun, works with very low pressure and works well with different types of materials and surfaces.

Blend with a variety of materials

Wagner spraytech has a two-staged turbine that allows the painting over surfaces easier. Walls and surfaces can be painted on with materials like thinned latex paints or thinner materials like stains and poly, the sprayer gun makes use of different techniques to ensure that it is compatible with a wide range of materials or surfaces you want to paint on.

Easy and Comfortable setup

Spraytech has a comfortable setup that will guarantee your safety and comfort while making use of it. One of the setups that make the use easier is the use of a very long hose about 20ft to easily reach different height and length of your painting project. The length of the hose also helps in reducing hand fatigue.

The flow of the paint can be customized by making use of the pressure control dial available to always make a consistent finish every time. The flexible control allows for horizontal, vertical or circular paint.

Atomization technology

With the use of low-pressure technology, the spray gun atomizes the paint material into fine particles that gives a smooth finish. Appropriate maximization of the paint is done to ensure the high volume used covers a large surface area.

The benefits of the HVLP technology exceed using the maximization of paints alone, but it also protects your health and the atmosphere from the overspray of paint, which can prove harmful during application.

  • Comfortable set up with an extendable hose for easy reach and comfort.
  • Control dials are easily adjusted.
  • It is quite easy to clean and set up.
  • Application of latex paint might need proper dilution before use.

2. HomeRight Finish Max Paint Sprayer – Brass tip technology

For your best-detailed painting of trims and doors, you might consider the HomeRight max paint sprayer as your go-to spray gun. It has a fine touch of quality of the tips and nozzle for a fine finish. It has a finely refined piece of technology as well to add the excellent features of the HomeRight paint sprayer.

Brass spray tip technology

The Home Right sprayer is all about accuracy, it makes use of a 2mm precision level for the brass spray tip and nozzle, the resultant effect of this is that it gives you superior performance when compared to its plastic counterpart. The Finish brass tips and nozzles give a quality spray pattern that gives off a professional touch and also prevents corrosion and wears.

Plastic components of spray guns are often affected by temperature changes, the temperature change can distort the shape of plastics causing a poor line of paint, but with a brass component, it is stable in the face of temperature. Brass components are more durable and long-lasting.

Adjustable settings

The control of the Home Right sprayer comes with very easy to control settings. The control knobs on it can be easily adjusted to assist during painting. The air cap can be adjusted to have the spray in a horizontal, vertical and circular shape. The material flow can be decreased or increased to control the output of the material and direct your paint flow to suit your need.

When properly adjusted, the paint sprayer becomes one of the best options in painting furniture, trims etc.

Easy to spray and clean

There is convenience built into the usage of the Home Right spray gun, with just the use of a single spray nozzle you can spray a lot of materials including latex paints, chalk type paint, primers, polyurethane etc. due to the single nozzle option of the spray gun it comes with viscosity cup to be able to determine the viscosity of the paint.

It does not end at that; the cleaning of the sprayer gun is also easily done. The sprayer can be cleaned with water for water-based materials, while oil-based is cleaned with mineral spirits. The cleaning accessories that come with the sprayer gun is necessary for cleaning the paint gun.

  • It makes use of the brass tip technology.
  • The cleaning of the spray gun is easy with cleaning accessories.
  • It has a very lightweight
  • Might be limited in the discharge of some paint materials due to a single nozzle system.

3. REXBETI Ultimate-750 Paint Sprayer, High Power HVLP Home Electric Spray Gun – Lightweight and easy to use

Rexbeti ultimate paint sprayer uses a power rating of 500 Watts to provide enough consistent and precise spray pattern that will make the surface have a smooth and superior look. It can be used and cleaned easily, and also guarantee safety during painting operation.

Lengthy cords and lightweight

Rexbeti ultimate paint sprayer has a 6.6 ft power cord that allows you to move freely while painting. The long cord is not the only feature of the Rexbeti paint sprayer, it is also lightweight and can be handy to use. You can fit the sprayer easily into your hands and carry on with painting for a long time without fear of fatigue.

Spray patterns and nozzle sizes

This paint sprayer has 4 different nozzle types, one of the 4 nozzles come pre-attached to the paint sprayer. Having multiple nozzles allows you to be able to spray different materials, the 1.5mm to 2.5 mm nozzles are good for thin paints like sealers. 3.0 works best in spraying chalk type paint or latex paint.

The trio of horizontal, vertical and circular direction is 3 spray patterns to use depending on the direction you need to spray. It helps in putting off a fine finishing to the surface painted on. Asides from the nozzle size and spray patterns, the Rexbeti ultimate sprayer comes with a 5-pcs paint strainer just to be able to filter particles from paints.

Easy to wash and use

The paint sprayer is user friendly and easy to use the spray gun. You can easily assemble the Rexbeti spray gun even as a beginner in painting equipment. The operation is not complex either, with ease you can get your project completed and after usage, it can be cleaned quite easily. The cleaning of the spray gun is even made easier with already packaged cleaning attachments that come with the spray gun.

  • The control knob can adjust the paint output.
  • An easily operatable spray gun.
  • It is designed with a long cord and light weighted to ease fatigue during operation.
  • It is not encouraged for large painting projects.

4. Graco 16Y385 TrueCoat 360 Paint Sprayer – Ecosystem friendly

The Graco paint sprayer creates a unique experience of painting through the introduction of its pattern of paint spraying. The paint sprayer offers so many use and technology inclusion that stands it apart in the lesson of paint spraying.

Continuous spray

Graco paint sprayer has a reversible spray tip that allows you to reverse the tip of a clogged spray gun when spraying. Based on the texture and consistency of the material, some materials might be a bit thicker than the available nozzle leading to a clog. With the continuous spraying feature of the Graco paint sprayer, you can easily solve the problem of clogging at the tip of the gun.

The continuous spray is also backed with the use of VacuValve technology that creates an airtight system that allows you to spray in any direction of your choice. This form of painting allows areas that are hard to reach surfaces reachable now.

The stainless-steel piston pump of the paint sprayer delivers high-pressure power that can spray unthinned paints

Ecosystem friendly

While making do with the different texture of painting on your doors and trims, it is important to make use of products that follow through with the sustainability of the ecosystem. One of the ways by which Graco puts in place a system that favours the ecosystem is with the use of the FlexLiner bag. The bag replaces traditional material cups that can be reused or that can be recycled. This eco-friendly option helps you maintain both aesthetics and the ecosystem at the same time.

  • It has a reversible spray tip
  • The product controls the sustainable campaign for the ecosystem.
  • It is not large enough to carry out bigger projects.

5. Graco Ultra Corded Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer 17M359 – Portable with unbeatable speed

For its category, Graco does provide a small but efficient paint sprayer. The sprayer is airless and it is also handheld. Graco corded paint sprayer is the tool you are looking for if you need a sprayer for completing small jobs. It is small and easy to use.

Triax Triple Piston Pump

One of the selling features of the Graco sprayer is the pump action. It has a carbide piston which is built to be able to deliver reliable and durable support. The pump is not only durable and lightweight but it is highly efficient, it is fast and you can carry out a pump replacement easily while still on the job with the aid of the ProConnect.

The ProConnect allows you to replace the pump in easy 3 steps with just the simple use of a screwdriver. Graco has an advanced speed with a great finish on different surfaces after a painting job. Although the spray is airless and handheld, it still functions well in painting with different materials and on different surfaces, it is one of the best options for small interior and exterior projects that require a detailed finish.

Smart control Graco

An advantage of using the Graco spray paint is that you have full control of using the whole sprayer in the palms of your hand. You can easily and comfortably adjust the control of the sprayer to achieve a smooth finish and job. You can control the speed at which the paint is used to help you achieve a professional touch on your painting project.

The pressure control of the sprayer as well allows precision while painting, there is consistency in the paint application leading to a finely finished surface. Graco sprayer requires low pressure even for a superior finish.

It uses a Reverse-A-Clean (RAC) technique that helps in clearing clogs from the tip of the sprayer.

  • Adjustable and comfortable control
  • It has a simple mechanism of cleaning up clogs
  • It might take more time to dry surfaces
  • Not suitable for bigger projects


Different types of paint sprayers carry out an effective job of painting from small painting projects to major exterior tasks. Tasks such as spray painting of trims and doors need a paint sprayer that pays attention to detail and can give a fine touch on your furniture.

The different types of paint sprayer that are available might make decision making on which to buy a bit difficult. Under this post, we have considered some of the best paint sprayer that is suitable for the use of trim and door painting.

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