Best Spray Guns for Lacquer – Reviews

spray-gun-lacquer No matter the painting job you have at hand, making use of lacquer paint is always a brilliant idea. Whether wood or metal, the lacquer paint gives the surface fine and smooth finishing. However, when doing your work, it is not advised that you just use any type of spray gun for the spraying job. This is because using the wrong spray gun might bring about poor results for your job.

You do not want your lacquer finishing to come out below par due to using the wrong tools. While there are countless spray guns out there, not all are optimized for lacquer spray jobs. Thus it is always recommended that you select the best spray guns for the job. Don’t know which spray guns are the best for lacquer paint? Don’t worry; we have got you covered. Discussed below are the best spray guns for lacquer painting.

Best Spray Guns for Lacquer in July, 2021

1. Wagner Spraytech HVLP Paint Sprayer — Highly Convenient Use

The Wagner Spraytech Control Spray Max features superior HVLP technology with fine atomization to bring about fine and smooth finishing to your lacquer work.

The strong two-stage turbine featured by the spray makes it possible for the user to work with all types of spraying materials. However, it is quite optimized for furniture and woodwork jobs, which usually require fine painting work. Thus, it works very well with lacquer painting.

Highly Adjustable And Versatile

The Wagner Spray comes with a versatile nozzle. This versatile nozzle can work with different types of materials, from mildly thick ones to thin strains. Since lacquer is quite thin, this spray works well with it.

The spray further manifests its adjustability in providing a pressure control valve alongside an adjustable knob for paint flow. The pressure control valve works with other parts of the spray (such as the paint flow knob) to regulate the amount of the released lacquer. The paint flow adjustable knob regulates the amount of lacquer that is released per time.

One benefit of the highly adjustable nature of the Wagner Spray is that it puts control of the outcome of the painting process well in the hands of the user. This will allow the user to deliver the type of lacquer finishing they desire. It also helps to prevent any overspray, thus guarding against the waste of lacquer. The lacquer can then be put to efficient use.

Fine Finishing

The spray features superior atomization technology. The tech filters out thick particles, only allowing thin and smooth sprays through. As a result, whatever surfaces it is used to spray will feature a top-notch smooth finish.

Stationary Workplace

A unique feature that comes with the Wagner Spray is the stationary paint sprayer. While in use, the Wagner Spray is stationed in a single place and is not designed to move around like many other spray guns. The base is fitted with a handle that allows the user to move the spray around if they want to move to another part of the workplace.

This stationary workplace ensures that the user does not have to expend energy in moving the spray gun all around the world area. They stay in one place, and the spray gun reaches the desired surface. Thus, they don’t get fatigued easily, and as such, they can get a lot of work done.

  • The spray can with all types of raw materials, especially materials like lacquer.
  • The spray is a stationary sprayer that enables the user to work from a single place and reduces the probability of fatigue.
  • Delivers superior lacquer finishing as a result of high-quality atomization technology.
  • It does not give users the ability to use multiple designs on their work.

2. Ingersoll Rand 210G Spray Gun — Highly Adjustable, Yet Precise

The Ingersoll Rand spray gun is a gravity spray that uses quality filtering to deliver top-quality finishing. It also features a lot of adjustability features, giving the user the liberty to make a lot of settings. All of these bring about precision.

Highly Adjustable, Yet Precise

Almost every part of the Ingersoll Rand spray gun is adjustable to fit the user’s desire and the requirement of the project at hand. The spray gun gives the user maximum control by making it possible to adjust as many parts of the spray gun as possible.

There is a fluid adjustment knob, which aims to control the volume of paint that flows out of the gun at a particular time. Then you have the spray pattern adjustment knob to give control of the pattern of paint to the user.

Also provided is an air adjustment knob that enables the user to regulate the amount of air that gets into the spray gun and its output. Combining all these three (3) adjustment tools gives the user the maximum control of whatever they want to come out of the spray gun.

Fast But Efficient

The Ingersoll Rand Spray is designed in a way to apply sprays at a very fast pace.

Even at that, it was designed to ensure that it efficiently uses the painting material. For one, there is a non-drip cup attached to prevent paint from dripping away. This way, wastes are greatly reduced, and the lacquer is properly used. Furthermore, this prevents the lacquer from polluting the surrounding environment.

Clear And Smooth Painting

The Ingersoll Rand is designed to deliver superior smooth finishing, which is often the desire for DIY-ers to use the lacquer paint. The spray does this by using a filter to sieve through materials that will be released through its nozzles. Any type of material other than fine, smooth lacquer is removed. This ensures that your surface gets high-quality clear painting.

  • Applies filtering to sieve through foreign materials and particles so as to deliver smooth finishing.
  • It offers a lot of versatility and adjustability, enabling the user to control the spraying process and the outcome.
  • It comes with additional tools to prevent waste.
  • Works best for only small jobs.

3. Fuji 2203G Gravity HVLP Spray System — Strength And High-quality Build

The Fuji Semi-PRO 2 is a high gravity pressure, low volume gravity feed air spray featuring a strong and high-quality build. It is able to combine performance with a lot of control.

Strong, But Easy To Use

A notable factor of the Fuji gravity feed spray system is that it is strong. It features a powerful 2-stage spray system for all types of painting works. However, its body is built of high-quality metal, enabling the spray gun to withstand all types of painting or spraying materials. Nevertheless, all the features come in a lightweight vessel, and it is quite portable. For one, it comes with an easy-to-handle gun holder. This makes it quite easy for the user to navigate it during spraying jobs.

Top-quality Features

The Fuji spray comes with a number of features that are not quite common with other spray guns. For one, the Fuji spray gun enables the user to adjust many of its features as much as they desire.

There is an adjustable fan pattern control tool. This tool’s role is for the user to control the type of pattern of the lacquer that the spray gun makes on the surface to be painted.

Furthermore, there is an air cap to trap air from escaping. There is also an air control valve that controls the air quantum that makes way into the spray gun. This way, the user can regulate the intensity of the spray that flows out of the gun. It also prevents overspray of the surface area.

Finally, the spray gun is a professional non-bleed spray that prevents paints from dripping away. This ensures that there is no waste whatsoever.

High-quality Build

Most of the spray body is built with metal, including the gun holder and the turbine. These have their benefits. For one, the body, which is made of metals, makes the spray resistant to rust. They can withstand the corrosive qualities of the lacquer. As a result, the Fuji spray ends up durable.

  • They are designed to be durable yet highly functional.
  • Offers great ease of use, including ease of cleaning and maintenance.
  • It is fitted with non-bleed technology, aimed at helping you reduce waste.
  • It is not easy to clean after use.

4. Graco Magnum 257025 Project Paint Sprayer – Easiest To Use

The Graco Magnum Painter Plus sprayer is a high volume, high-pressure spray most suitable for large projects. The spray enables users to spray paint unthinned; that is, they can spray large quantities of the spray at a particular time. Coming with a lot of innovative features, it is one of the easiest to use.

High Capacity

Rather than storing the paint in small cups before use, the Graco Magnum allows users to spray their paint directly from a paint bucket. The bucket may be filled with 1 to 5 gallons of paint. A hose is provided with which they can connect to the bucket.

Thus they can paint for longer periods of time. Furthermore, users will not have to pause frequently to refill the gravity cups as you have with many other spray guns.

Easy To Use

The spray comes with a number of features geared at making it easy for the user to navigate its use. With many other spray guns, users can only spray areas they can easily reach materials like furniture, automobiles, and others. But they do not provide for hard-to-reach areas.

The Graco Magnum solves this problem by providing a long paint hose that can reach buildings’ peaks without reducing performance. Furthermore, the spray gun is easy to clean as a special PowerFlush Adapter is provided for this purpose. Then, it is easy to store as large storage compartments are provided.

Ability To Control Paint Flow

The Graco Magnum comes with adjustable pressure tools that can be used to regulate the amount of pressure that gets into the spray gun. This enables the user to control the amount of paint that comes out.

  • A lot of innovative features that make the spray easy to use.
  • High capacity makes the spray good enough for large jobs.
  • Designed to handle jobs that most other spray guns may not be able to do, such as painting hard-to-reach areas.
  • It’s not versatile enough, as the uses to which it can be applied are limited.

5. Wagner 0529021 HVLP Paint Sprayer — Best Value

The Wagner stationary paint sprayer is the second of Wagner’s products on this list, which attests to the manufacturer’s state as a top-quality brand. This particular product offers top quality for money as it is perfect for various jobs, from furniture to walls and more.

Portable And Easy To Move

The spray gun is highly easy to use with top features that make for its efficiency. It is designed to serve various needs without causing much fatigue for the operator. The turbine is designed to be on the floor while the hose is connected to it to draw the paint. This reduces the stress level of the application process.

This spray gun comes with two kinds of nozzles, which makes for improved efficiency. With the Detail Finish and spray nozzle, an operator can get excellent spraying results to match various applications’ demands. This spray gun works effectively with small projects. If you need an efficient spray to serve your household needs, this is a good fit.

Easily To Adjust

The spray gun comes with easy adjustments that make for improved performance. An operator can conveniently adjust the speed settings and the paint outflow. This way, you can prevent over-spray and deliver even spraying applications.


Using lacquer on your surface makes for superior finishing. Thus, the spraying of such material needs superior spray guns. Here, we have featured a list of those spray guns that can help guide your decision. You can use any of these products for your household projects.

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