Best Spray Guns for Latex Paint – Reviews

latex-paint-spray-painting Latex paint is quite the partner of choice when working over large areas. However, that it is best for large spaces also means that the project could take a lot more time to complete. It is, for this reason, that spray guns, very fast tools that can be used to apply paint on surfaces, become necessary.

Again, this ability of sprayers to maximize time results in a presence of unsuitable tools in the market. When you shop for yours, you are sure to get a spray gun but with a small, lingering question: have you bought the perfect fit? As such, for you, as an end-user to procure something you will not later regret, information is an important resource. In this article, we examine a list of curated spray guns, with a view to helping you to make informed choices.

Best Spray Guns for Latex Paint in July, 2021

1. Wagner Spraytech Control Spray Max HVLP Paint or Stain Sprayer — Little Hassle, More Convenience

This hvlp spray gun is one which stands out for its well-rounded posture. Using it, you will discover that every one of your needs seems to have been put into consideration. The impressive nature of its build makes it obvious that designers had an intention to remove all the common hassles of working with a spray gun.

Versatile Nozzle

This gun blends a number of painting patterns into its nozzle. When put to work, the nozzle deftly delivers on tasks with a total lack of bias to surfaces it is used on. This gives you a great deal of value as you are able to shuttle between different specifics without an issue.

Easy Controls

In addition to its other benefits, the spray gun will easily adjust its release to whatever levels you demand it to. You can decide the intensity of your spray by using the controls to increase or lower pressure. With this kind of advantage, your work becomes more professional and certainly gets a new kind of appeal.

Saves You Your Energy

This is perhaps one of the most outstanding features of the gun. In place of letting shuffle about with the weight of the unit on your arms, the Control Spray Max features a hose that extends twenty feet long. The lesser weight allows you to be far more mobile than you normally would. Additionally, there is a clever twist to the design wherein the weight of base is transferred to the floor and not you. It guarantees that less strength is used up in the painting process.

Can Do It All

The Spray Max does not discriminate. It works well on doors, walls, cabinets etcetera. This variety is done with a high level of precision which you can get from its controls.

  • It is quite easy to carry around.
  • It offers few issues on the side of maintenance as it can be cleaned easily
  • Quite versatile and makes painting less of a trouble
  • Might take a while to get used to

2. Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer, Blue — Excellent Performance

The first impression of this item would either be ‘rugged’ or ‘made for hard work’. On the outside, it looks pretty much like it was built to do all tasks. And in truth, actual use of the device does not make one feel otherwise in any way. Some of its salient features are examined below.

Extendable Reach

For the Graco, the reach is something we must take as an absolutely perfect combination. The equipment is quite sizable, and does not do any less in its delivery of projects. It has a configuration that has been set to allow for hoses as long as seventy-five feet. It affords the user an opportunity to maneuver with ease as work at a good distance from the main unit.

Easy Cleaning

The Graco has also been designed so that it can be cleaned easily. Unique in this respect is the attachment of a garden hose to purge the equipment of dirt. The provision for cleaning allows it to perform unhindered and remove problems while working. Additionally, you can worry less about spending much time on cleaning with a direct connection to the garden hose already covering that end.

Measured Sprays

Most important to the conduct of a paint job is the correctness of the whole process. The Graco sprayer lets you do this with control over the level of release. The quantity of paint you utilize is purely determined by you, as you can alternate between densities. It implies that coatings are applied as appropriate to each surface. Also, there is less room for overdoing it consuming large volumes of paint where it is not necessary.

Paint Buckets

In another dimension, users can connect the Graco unit to a paint bucket, and use it directly. The intent is to allow for continuous and uninterrupted spraying projects. While you move from point to point, you do so knowing that how long you keep that up is determined by the quantity of your paint. With this in mind, there are fewer things that can slow the job down, helping you finish on time.

Top Speed

An achievable goal with Graco, this seems to have to be imbibed into every step of the job. Moving on, experience with this device indicates it as something that is truly fit for purpose.

  • Allows for premium degree of mobility
  • Beats down problems encountered in cleaning
  • Incorporated the need for precision
  • Can be hard to move around as a whole

3. Wagner 0529021 FLEXiO 890 Stationary HVLP Paint Sprayer — Multi-role

The Flexio’s most distinctive feature is probably its dual nozzles. These have the obvious purpose of fulfilling different spraying needs. Contrary to most products, you have the power of between for the kind of project you are going to undertake.


For the Flexion, weight should never be an issue when using the item. To avoid distracting you from the job with needless weight, this equipment transfers all its bulk to the ground. The turbine base is compelled to sit firmly on the floor while you Jeep paint with just the spray component. It also has a hose of nearly twelve-foot to afford you a level of mobility.

Excellent Execution

In terms of delivery on the application of paints, it does a pretty good job. The Flexio gives your target surfaces the elegant kind of finish that you would want. In place of the toil you would have gotten with a paint brush, it shows its difference by stressing you less and doing a better job. It works finely with doors, decks, walls just about any surface.

Air Pressure

The pressure can determine the outflow of the paint. If not handled with skill, the job might be wrongly done. However, the problem of skill is solved with the pressure controls on this equipment. You can adjust the intensity with dials attached to the body of the unit.


Its uniqueness asserts itself in a pair of nozzles. This pair have not been placed for mere aesthetics, though it is what they do, but are also adaptable to whatever environment the job will be done. On one hand, you have the iSpray nozzle, which can be used in your large, and time-consuming projects. On the other hand, you also have the Detail Finish which can be used to finesse your smaller interior projects.


There is an additional emphasis on storage in the Flexio. It comes with its own pack leaving you unbothered about where to place what. Within, you can store its nozzles as well as any other complement that may come with it. It makes a particularly obvious statement for professionals who have a high need for mobility.

  • It is easily adaptable
  • Makes a good statement for precision
  • Is attentive to overspray
  • Users say it may be quite hard to clean
  • It has a short hose, constraining distance

4. Wagner Control Pro 150 Paint Sprayer — Highly Efficient

The Pro 150 is quite the ideal sprayer when it comes to giving an accurate measure of precision.  A strong suit it possesses is the ability to function by lowering over spray to very minimal proportions. To stand out in that regard, it puts its Airless Technology to maximum effect.


If you are looking for a gun which will do the job and protect you from its less attractive failures, you are smack right to choose this one. The Pro 150 is designed so that you can fix it easily and get it back on the go. It is also designed with a warranty that can bag you several return trips to the technicians over a long period of time. This way, you can dive into your painting full-time without a silent worry for damage costs.

Impressive Execution

In terms of doing stuff, the Pro 150 might as well be said to get it right. It works comfortably on exteriors and leaves them looking like the pro job that was intended. It pays specific dues to thorough facelifts as smooth, carefully laid finishes are left on each surface. It can be used in the exteriors to paint the fence and other areas within the house.

Excellent Paint Supply

This is another standout feature of the Pro 150. Rather than rely on a limited supply within a spray can, the Pro can be attached to a five gallon paint bucket allowing the user to work on the go. With this, there is a diminished need for refills and more time for spraying.

Great Mobility Level

With regards to your need to shed weight, the Pro is keen not to impair you itself. In place of a system where you carry the pack around, a twenty-five feet hose can be attached for a high level of movement to be guaranteed. The hose can also be extended to as long 75 feet for additional length.

Top Speed

The equipment is also the perfect option when paired side by side with a roller. It is three times faster than the roller and certainly more precise when in use.

  • It is easy to use
  • It is highly efficient
  • It gives jobs a professional look
  • Clogging can be a frequent problem

5. REXBETI Ultimate-750 Paint Sprayer — Removes Paint Particles

The Ultimate-750 is remarkable for its comparatively small size and attention to ergonomics. Its design appears to have the strong intention of making paint jobs less cumbersome to perform. In all, the ease of using it is only reflected in actual handling.

Excellent For Interiors

While there are other products which are suitable for indoor and outdoor purposes, the makers of the 750 design the product to deliver excellent results. The 750 can function quite well with all manner of interior fixtures such as tables, chairs, dressers, and cabinets. It adds a thorough kind of finish to this and leaves nothing to be desired.


It is particularly notable for its weight. It is very lightweight and does not prove to be an intense burden to carry around.

Impressive Painting

The Rexbeti 750 has its own spray can which can hold up to 1000ml of paint. Since it is primarily used for executing small projects, it makes perfect sense as you do not need to refill frequently.

Excellent Controls

Attention is also paid to the control system as the equipment is fitted with a knob. This allows you to choose the levels of paint flow and settle on what is more appropriate.

Great Level Of Mobility

A degree of mobility is guaranteed with this device. It comes with a wire plug of over six feet long. The plug keeps the piece working and removes hindrances to workflow.

Particle Removal

This is a standout feature. The pack comes with four paint strainers which remove particles within the paint. Squeezing these unwanted elements out of the paint to improve the overall outlook of the job. You get a smooth, uncluttered finish from using the Rexbeti Ultimate-750.

  • It is not much of a burden in terms of weight
  • A perfect fit for indoor jobs
  • Makes a lot less noise while active
  • Ergonomic, it is quite comfortable in the hands
  • It is not suitable for outdoor projects


Painting is a task which demands specificity and deliberateness. But while that is so, these things are not rocket science if you have the right tools to do it with. As such, you should pay careful attention to how suitable a device can be when faced with your skill set. In other words, pick something that combines ease with excellence.

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