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Today, painting is artistry for more than a few people. Like many other talents have done, it has now evolved into a skill that many must learn. Yet, even as this is so, there is a lot of room for finesse in the craft. There is a need to understand the basic features and how they can improve the results delivered. It is therefore important to emphasize that the right kind of equipment is used for something so delicate.

On the matter of equipment, spray guns come in as a ready tool to do all that is right by the trade. They are precise, efficient, give mind to the master, but do not ignore the beginner’s summons. In other words, they are easy to use. However, there are several of them out there. This article explores a few with an intent to educate on what could be more preferable.

Best Sprayers For Staining A Fence in July, 2021

1. Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer — Lengthy And Efficient

The Graco Magnum is a highly efficient tool for spreading paint on surfaces. It is a top of the line implant when it comes to doing tasks on the exterior. More so, the painter gets a feel of professionalism upon completion of the project.

Paint Load

The Graco Magnum was designed to help with the quick completion of your task. Painting wide exteriors can take a robust quantity of time, which can reduce the appeal for the job. In this case, however, the Graco cuts down on time spent refilling your can by allowing you to connect to a max of five gallons of paint. The lower amount of time spent is a valuable quality and is indeed a lot to appreciate.

Great Mobility

This is one kind of spray gun that pretty much travels on its strength. It comes with a pair of wheels for you to shove it around as required.

Excellent Controls

The Magnum is also equipped with a set of dials with which its flow can be adjusted. These moderate the quantity of paint being applied to any surface at any given time. It also ensures that there is a mark of precision on every part of the job you do. As each surface only needs a special volume of paint to make it look good, control is essential.

Reduced Clogging

Clogging is probably one of the biggest headaches that painters have when using guns. It slows work speed and frustrates the user. The Magnum was fitted with this in mind as it comes loaded with the RAC IV SwitchTip to rectify a time-eating clog.

Level of Use

Makers suggest that you spray a recommended volume of 125 gallons per year. This gives ample room for you to execute your painting plans, using just one kind of equipment.

The Magnum is no stranger to getting dumped. It comes ready for this with built-in support for a hose of one hundred feet. While this means that it receives less attention, it allows you to paint homes with multiple stories. It also means that it does not have to be moved too frequently.

  • It’s highly efficient and does its job well.
  • It May look big but won’t be stressful to work with
  • It has a self-fixer in the form of the RAC IV
  • Customers say clogging may be encountered.

2. HomeRight Power Flo Pro Airless Paint Sprayer Spray Gun — Great For Exteriors

This HomeRight spray gun is a product that places a premium on outdoor projects. It is a great fit for applying paint to fences, walls, and other projects which may deal with the outside. For people seeking spray guns for their fences, this may be a nice choice.


Clogging is an issue in spray guns, which can force a halt in the job. If it occurs frequently, it can leave a person dispirited and annoyed with the task. Therefore, it is appropriate that one selects something that will cause less stress and slow a small project down. The Flo Pro is equipped to combat this as it has a quick method for dispatching the issue. There is a tip that can easily be used to dispense with a clog and get the job going. Thus, there are fewer hassles.

Versus Brush and Roller

In this line, the Flo Pro easily beats the old tools. Much unlike them, a user does not have to spend an unnecessary length of time on a surface, and neither does the operator need to worry about rough edges. The Flo Pro can handle a variety of surfaces regardless of whether they are uneven or highway smooth.

Suction Tube

The Flo Pro has a considerably regular length of suction compared to its others within its line. The hose is an average of 25 feet but can still make for optimal mobility. You certainly do not need to go back too many times with twenty-five feet of ground to explore.


For a precise, professional touch, airless hoses are important. There is little need to deal with bursts, which may affect work quality.

Impressive Controls

Inanimate or not, spray guns can always act with a mind of their own. This is exactly why pressure control is necessary. It regulates the flow of paint and only releases what is necessary. One cannot underestimate the value of this in concluding a job smoothly.

Excellent Mobility

The Flo Pro is fitted with a handle that’s comfortable to use. It can be carried around easily. To stamp this even further, there is the suction tube, which draws from a one to five-gallon paint bucket so that you can move.

Paint types

Here, it treats all with a fashionable degree of equality. The Flo Pro can handle a variety of paints; oil-based, latex, stains, etcetera. Each will find open arms. Also, the results are professional.

  • It can take different kinds of paints
  • Blends easily with different surfaces
  • Poses fewer problems with its Reverse Tip
  • It has a comparatively shorter length in hose

3. Graco Magnum Airless Paint Sprayer, Blue — Excellent And Versatile

The X5 is an outstanding product, no doubt. It is one that will easily handle any project without hiccups. On the interior front, the X5 does a superb job. On the outside, too, it doesn’t fail either. It is one great choice that meets various needs.

Pressure Control

The X5 has a pressure control, which gives the user any edge over output. The controls allow you to dictate what amount of paint is sprayed on where. It also saves you the severe alternative of generosity where paint should be light. Moving on, this is a dynamic tool.


Among its armada of great qualities is the weight that was packed into this. It is quite light and easy to move around. This mobility is treasured as it protects the painter from working with too much stress.

User Experience

Spray guns should ideally pay attention to the variety of end-users that may demand them. They should be quite easy to operate and without bias to expertise. This is one thing that the X5 does quite well. It can be handled with astonishing ease by persons of very different levels of painting skill.

Regardless of whether you picked it up without the tiniest idea of how to use it, or you got it with years of experience behind you, this equipment is perfectly sound for its user. The end results also make a great statement for its adaptability.

High Efficiency

The X5 equally comes prepared to deal with clogs. It contains the RAC IV SwitchTip, which enables you to turn the tip when clogged. This makes spraying continuous and fairly uninterrupted.

It is configured to support a hose that stretches as far as seventy-five feet in length. This gives you a high opportunity to move around as at that distance, dragging the turbine unit along is less of a problem.

Mucking out the X5 is not much of a problem as well. It can be attached to a garden hose, which makes cleaning a great deal faster. Users can be confident of low-intensity maintenance with this small trait. The X5 also possesses a powerful engine that allows the paint to be sprayed untrimmed. This gives your jobs the necessary load that can make them great.

  • It can be used by people with different levels of skill
  • Takes away the issue of clogging
  • It is efficient and works on the go
  • It can take some time to handle properly.

4. Titan Tool 0580009 Airless Paint Sprayer — Can Work For Much Longer

The Titan is inarguably a standout sprayer in terms of the level of innovation put into it. An examination of its features shows careful attention to small details, which counts in favor of its makers. It is also a great choice that attends to different levels of expertise.


One could easily say that there is no plan to back out quickly. For painters who may be skeptical about maintenance issues, the Titan easily solves that problem with a two-year warranty for handling technical glitches. This combination immediately puts it in the spotlight for quality and a high degree of maintenance.

High Precision

The Titan also does not stop providing users with a high level of precision in their work. The equipment is outstanding for a forty-five percent reduction in overspray. This ensures that the paint job is consistent along every area that it covers. Additionally, it makes the job trim and vastly professional in look.


Aptly named, the Titan is no stranger to going great lengths. Its hose comes with a length of 30 feet but can also support a maximum of 80 feet. The coverage of the ground kills the potential for carrying unnecessary weight around. Additionally, it adds speed to the overall performance of the task.

Extended Service Life

The pump has a very long lifetime. It can sustain its tasks for a far longer time than others within its range. This minimizes additional costs obtained from fixing the pump. It is also configured to be repaired or rebuilt with ease.


This is one area of excellence for the Titan. Hands down, it can continue to function for a greater period of time than other sprayers would stipulate. The user can keep going on long term projects with a suggested spray of 300 gallons per year. Therefore, it makes for the ability to carry on tasks without the worrying thoughts of overstretching its limits.

  • Has its storage
  • It contains a filter system for blocking dirt
  • Easy to use
  • Can be difficult to control

5. Wagner Control Pro Paint Sprayer — Places Premium On Handling

The Pro 150 is a sprayer that allows for deft use. It mounts a variety of controls for regulating output and putting paint to good use. On top of this, it produces a final work finish that is highly satisfactory.

Prevents Overspray

The Pro 150 is another piece of spraying equipment that emphasizes precision in the delivery of a project. It is particular about bringing out fine edges in a painting and making the work look professional. To do this, it is designed to beat down the potential for overspray by a tidy 55 percent. Paint is shot in regulated flows and do not affect the neatness of the task.

Excellent Controls

Th Pro 150 also seems fussy about its controls. To guarantee that the user explores its dynamics with ease, the controls help dictate the paint flow and application accuracy. Complaints about finely done projects are reduced to the barest minimum with its regulatory features. The knobs are ringed with numbers to indicate the flow intensity.

Paint can be loaded from a five-gallon paint bucket using its hose. The gallons give the user an opportunity to work for longer without going back constantly for a refill.

Excellent Application

The spray is quite suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses. It can be used for these and produce equally awesome results.

  • Works well with a variety of paints
  • Has own storage for its tips
  • Is highly durable
  • Has issues with clogging


While spray guns are meant to be easy to use, it is still pertinent to mention that they are not infallible. Often, mistakes occur from a mishandling of the equipment. Even when that equipment has been designed with simple features. As such, it is advisable to carefully follow the information listed in the manual to avoid an early breakdown of the equipment.

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